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Zen Loy:
A Photography Journey

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Zen Loy
Formerly Ng Fook Loy
GED Lewis Scholar
VI class of ’65

Earlier career:

I was the Senior Scholar, 1968 with a B.E.(Elect, 1st Class Hons) at the University of Canterbury, NZ. After graduating with a PhD in 1972, I’ve lectured in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury, NZ and the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; and have worked with IBM (Malaysia and Australia) and Fujitsu Australia; as well as doing IT consulting work. My last position with Fujitsu was as Software Group Development Manager.

While with Fujitsu, my visits to Japan gave me an opportunity to gain an insight into colloquial Japanese, resulting in the publication of a smallish book “Japanese Language Insights”.

Japanese Language Insights, Naruhodo Nihongo, 1996.

Second career:

In 1997 I caught the start of the digital photography train; going through a succession of digital cameras from the Sony Mavica (with 1.44Mb FloppyDisk giving about 10 images) to my current Leica C-Lux compact and Sony Alpha7R2 fullframe digicams.

I started by attending courses on photography and image editing. In the early 2000s my career segued into photography. I’ve taught digital photography and image editing courses with the Macquarie Community College; and run workshops on digital photography, fashion and glamour photography, studio lighting, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I’ve worked with the School of Hair, Beauty and Makeup, TAFE Meadowbank; and in events, portraits, boudoir, fashion and glamour photography.

I would describe my photography style as eclectic, having dabbled in different genres.

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Pelican lookout, Noosa, Queensland.

A very early digital shot in Jan 1998 with a Sanyo SR66 digicam.

Wife, SooHeng, and I love to travel to places far and near
and we have taken many photos to remind us of our travels
and experiences.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 2005. Canon Eos350D.

Momiji, autumn hues of maple leaves, Juniko, Japan. Oct 2014. Fujifilm Finepix F900EXR.

Nine Village Valley, JiuZhaiGou, China. Dec 2010. Canon Eos400D.

Locals in kimono at matsuri festival, Miyajima Island, Japan. Aug 2003. Minolta DiMage 7Hi.

Tranquillity, Shangri-la, China. Oct 2010. Canon Eos7D.

The Northern Lights, Whitehorse, Canada. Feb 2015.

The Aurora is a challenging scene to capture, requiring manual settings
with long exposures; and we have to contend with the extreme cold winter
temperatures as well. For us, this mystical and magical sight of the
shimmering curtains of light is our most memorable travel experience.

Aurora Borealis, Camp Tamok, Tromsø, Norway. Feb 2014. Sony Alpha7.

A sequence of photos were taken during this particular Northern Lights display
which lasted about 20 minutes. This animated gif file was created from 11 shots
using Photoshop to give a sense of the visual experience of the aurora display.

Fireworks over Sydney Harbour, Australia. Dec 2004. Minolta DiMage 7Hi.

There are many fireworks displays over Sydney Harbour and the
Opera House and foreshore provide a fabulous backdrop for the fireworks.

j-foxx dancers promo poster, Sept 2005. Canon Eos350D.

China Doll. Oct 2015. Sony Alpha7.

A painterly look created using Photoshop.

Rosa à la Warhol, May 2018. Sony Alpha7R2.

Arty treatment using Photoshop.

Long Gully Bridge, Sydney. Mar 2016. Canon Eos400D.

I got my Canon 400D digicam converted to capture images in the
infra-red spectrum; and the infra-red image is then processed
in Photoshop to produce a surreal looking effect.

In the control room. Feb 2018. Huawei Mate 10 phonecam.

A Huawei EnVizion360 camera lens was attached to capture a 360-degree
view. The 360VR image of me in my study is then processed to produce
this ‘tiny planet’ view.

Fashion lookbook. Feb 2009. Canon Eos450D.

A series of photos of the model in different designer outfits
went into the production of this fashion lookbook.

Australia Fashion Week, Sydney. Apr 2009.

I was fortunate in getting accredited as a photographer for AFW
which gave me an opportunity to be at the end of the runway for
the fashion shows.

Personal trainer, Sydney. Mar 2006. Canon Eos350D.

A promo portrait.

Fashion shadows, May 2009. Canon Eos450D.

Pensive mood. Jul 2003. Minolta DiMage 7Hi.

This black & white image like most others in digital photography
is created in post-production from the colour original.

The newer phonecams are becoming very capable at creating
better images despite their tiny sensor sizes by incorporating
in-camera software processing. This is part of a new wave of
digital processing called "computational photography".

As a photographer we still need to bring our understanding and
perception of light, colour and composition to the equation.

Cacti flower. Dec 2015. Huawei Mate 7 phonecam.

The sunlight was coming from the top and back giving this backlit effect.

Portrait Jan 2016. Huawei Mate7 phonecam.

A studio portrait created with a phonecam.

QVB building, Sydney. Dec 2015. Huawei Mate7 phonecam.

The play of light and shadow on this stairwell at the Queen
Victoria Building, and the viewpoint were the contributing factors
in the creation of this image.

Colours, June 2012. Canon Eos7D.

The projected light from coloured strips helped to
make this image dramatic.

Shanghai beauty, Apr 2008. Canon Eos400D.

I organised and led a photo tour of China which included
a fashion shoot in a Shanghai studio.

Cabaret, Apr 2009. Canon Eos450D.

Look carefully and you’ll notice her costume is body-painted.

TAFE School of Hair Beauty & Makeup Calendar 2008. Canon Eos400D.

Some of my photos taken at TAFE in Oct 2007 were selected for their calendar.

Red lips, Aug 2007. Canon Eos400D.

An image created using photoshop by converting the colour original
to a B+W copy and then superimposing the red lips of the original
over it. This photo was awarded a bronze award, portrait-glamour,
in the Creative Asia Photography Awards.

Yesteryear glamour, June 2009. Canon Eos400D.

This photo was also awarded a bronze award, portrait-glamour, in the
Creative Asia Photography Awards, 2011.

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