The V.I. Cartoons of
Ho Sui-Jon

, Ho Sui-Jon, was a student of the VI from year 2000 to 2004 (Form 1 to Form 5), and have tasted powers of seniority seconded only by God through my service in the Museum Board, the Seladang Editorial Board, the Computer Board, VILADS and the *school corporation (*‘koperasi’, if my verbal flatulence leaves you dumbfounded). In short, I was an omniscient geek.

My first comic strips were printed in the Seladang issues of 2004, and naturally were subject to much controversy much due to the fact that 99.78% of the school’s population (except myself) was uninformed of my full name and title; ‘near-Almighty Ho Sui-Jon’. Nevertheless, a majority of the sporadically-hairy students was amused… though slightly, and I had since been elevated from ‘scholar, (incapacitated) sportsman and (probable) gentleman’ to ‘scholar, (decapitated) sportsman and (indubitable) class-clown’.

Now, free from the constraints of editorial censorship and prefect mobs, my silence is broken once more, to bring you an updated, graphically disturbing insight into life in the VI as I have left it.

DISCLAIMER: I, Ho Sui-Jon, am in no way responsible for the mental trauma, emotional distress or psychological disorder which may be experienced by the viewers of these comic strips. The sketches are solely intended for entertainment (and slightly ‘educational’) purposes only - depicting the lighter side of VI life that is beyond the scrumming, lauk-ing and the hormonally unstable seniors. Should the humour be too DARK for the viewers’ digestion, I would personally recommend that you TURN THE LIGHTS ON as you read them!

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