Quah Chooi Hon
Receives Order of Australia Medal
Queen's Birthday, June 2016

Quah Chooi Hon - VI 1961-1962; VI Netball Captain.

Australian New Express Daily 13June 2016. Translation.

Chooi Hon Quah Ho

Dedicated to the dissemination and development of multiculturalism

Chooi Hon Quah Ho was awarded an OAM for her dedicated service to the Chinese community in Victoria and outstanding contribution to the higher education.

Chooi Hon Quah Ho, aged seventy three this year, came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her ancestral home was Chao Shan in the Guangdong Province. She came to Australia in 1976. She has an MBA from the Monash University. She worked in senior management at the library of Monash University for over 25 years, and was the Director of Corporate Services and International Development, Monash University Library up till her retirement. In 2000, Chooi Hon Quah Ho and her librarian team received the Monash University Vice-Chancellorís Outstanding Award for their excellent performance in establishing the Asian Studies Research Library in the Monash University Library system.

Chooi Hon Quah Ho also dedicated her efforts to promote Chinese cultural heritage and foster understanding with the wider Australian communit. She is a Foundation Member of the Chinese Association of Victoria, and was the first female President of the Association. Currently she is the Chairperson of the CAV Honorary Fellows Board. She was the editor of the Associationís newsletter for 20 years, writing about multiculturalism and the responsibility of Chinese Australians in multicultural Australia.

Chooi Hon Quah Ho assisted in founding the CAV Chinese School - helped in fund raising and worked together with others to purchase 5 acres of land, on which was built the CAV Cultural and Education Centre. In 1995, she received the Outstanding Contribution Award from the CAV.

With the award of an OAM, Chooi Hon Quah Ho felt deeply honoured, and very pleased that she was able to do her part in demonstrating the success of multiculturalism in Australia.

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