With David Gan in Perth

The visit of Oz

With Daniel Chan in Sydney

Dear friends,

I had a wonderful trip to Oz land. I was in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. In Sydney on arrival, I was treated by Michael Tan Ngee Tiong to his house for his famous Malaysian Curry chicken. He postponed by one day his trip to China so that he could see me. Thanks Mike. Then Ang Sum and his lovely wife Yoon Wan, took me to an Indian restaurant for dinner. We had lunch at The Glass Brasserie at the downtown Hilton and met Luke Mangan, a well-known chef in Sydney.

Venu Sarma jamming at the Brecknock;   With Chee Sue and Pooi Khiong in Adelaide

It was off to Adelaide for my medical class reunion. There I met up with a few other VIOS. While our group was having dinner at an Irish Bar, it so happened that Old Victorian Venu Sarma goes there weekly for his jamming session with the locals. All of us sang and drank. Venu wanted to spend more time with me but I had a fixed schedule and we had only a night together. Then I had dinner with Chan Tat Meng and his lovely wife. Tai Kon Hoong and I have not seen each other for over 40 years. We had a good evening together reminiscing about our badminton years. He is the same laid back guy. At our medical class reunion, Teh Pooi Khiong and Chin Chee Sue were in attendance. Pooi Khiong is in Adelaide, a retired GP, but has kept his physical status well. Chee Sue is still in practice in Mentakab.

Sitting, L to R: Low Yew Loon, TC Koh, Swaran Ludher, Ong Say Kiat, Chong Sze Foh, Quah Chek Jwee
Standing, L to R: Gan Kong Eng, Johnny Kim (ex-SJI)

After Adelaide, I went to Perth and met up with Gan Kong Eng, Sze Foh, Chek Jwee, Swaran (Ludher), Yew Loon and Say Kiat. I was treated royally by one and all. I was hosted by Chong Sze Foh and Maureen at their lovely house. I was treated to play at the two most prestigious golf courses, the Fremantle Country Club, by David Gan, followed by a great dinner, and then by Ong Say Kiat at the Karryinup Country Club. Sze Foh took me to the Kings Garden on the hill overlooking the scenic city of Perth.

Finally we had a VIOS gathering at Sze Foh's house. Those in attendance were Quah Jek Jwee, his wife Winney, David and Katherine, Say Kiat and Mona, (who incidentally became grandparents again; congratulations are in order), Swaran Singh and his wife, and lastly, Loh Yew Loon and Sharon. If any of you do not recognize one of the guys in the group photo, it is because Johnny Kim is not a VIOS. He is from SJI, but he and I once played badminton together and we played golf at Karryinup. Johnny was also very gracious in providing lunch.

When we have such a world wide network of VIOS, it certainly is a pleasure to visit any strange city and know we will have renewal of friendships and memories of schooldays gone by. Thanks again Sze Foh and Maureen and all VIOS in Perth!

Back in Sydney, we had a great night at Seow Hong's house which is ideal for hosting such a big party. The food was absolutely mouth watering. I had Hokkien mee that was better than I ever remembered, cooked by Kok Weng. It was also Seow Hing's birthday so we sang to him while he attempted to blow out all his candles. He needed Yin Loon to help him! Seow Hong, you are not that old! Daniel took me on a tour of Sydney before he sent me to the airport.

I believe it is our VI spirit that is bringing us together for all these gatherings all over the world. Keep it up guys and hopefully we can all participate until we cannot travel any more. I want to thank all of the VIOS in Oz land for such a fine time. You guys made me feel at home.

Back row, L to R: Aw Tee Woo, Kenneth Chong, Lim Choon Kean, Eugene Chong, Daniel Chan, Peter Chin, Khoo Seow Hong, Khong Peck Wah, Malcom Gan, Ang Sum,
Loh Kung Sing, Tham Hok Chi, Chong Kok Weng, Wong Fook Loy
Seated, L to R: Kok Lee Ying, Gan Phaik Guat, Susan Khong, Betty Wong, Khoo Yin Loon, Koh Tong Chui, Millie Lim, Ang Yoon Wan, Lydia Chan,
Catherine Loh, Wan Kee Yio

Koh Tong Chui

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