Old Teacher Contacts

he following are phone numbers and email addresses of some Old V.I Teachers of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. They would appreciate hearing from their old pupils (at civilized hours, of course!).

A. Jeyaretna     03-2096-1436

Andrew Heng     03-7728-7321 (H)

Azhar Md. Adnan (PhD)    79, Stylman Road, Bowthorpe, Norwich, Norfolk, England, NR5 9ES; 00441603 748062 (home) or 00447928 027295

Belinda Seet (Mrs)     012-257-9322 (H/P); dingdongbel88@yahoo.com

Benedict Goh Hock Huat (Mrs)     03-5633-1811

Chew Chee Keong     03-7803-9689; cckifbww@tm.net.my

Chew Poon Khiang (Mrs)     chewpk@pop3.jaring.my

Choe Peng Woon     03-2164-1945 (O)

Chong Hon Chong (Mrs)     03-2095-8192; chcwsh1@yahoo.com

Christopher Lai     03-5519-3642 (H); 03-7875-1829 (O)

Cindy Chan (Mdm)     03-7783-1046

Dharam Prakash     03-2095-9551 (H); 019-272-0090 (H/P); 03-5635-8630 (Bus. Fax); prakash@sunwayk.edu.my

Ee Phaik Lian (Mrs)     +61894781448 (Australia)

Elizabeth Periathamby     016-363-0442 (H/P) Elizabeth Vaz     03-7782-2353 (H); 7781-9090 (O); ozanam_house@hotmail.com

Elsie Das     03-7876-5475 (H)

Foo Swee Leng (Mrs)     03-7874-5775

V. Ganespathy     03-2238-1960

Goh Leong Seng     03-2141-0346 (H); 03-221-9487 (O)

Jimmy Chu Sin Sang     03-9058-3341

Kok See Leong (Mrs)     03-7876-1791

Lam Foo Wah (Mrs)     03-7728-5341

Lee Kok Leong     03-2095-0736

Leow Hoi Loong (Mrs)     03-431-1898; 012-327-6393 (H/P); fragrant_jade@yahoo.com

Lian Chee Seng     +60123589187 (KL)

Loh Kung Sing     lohchoo@optushome.com.au

Ng Chik Leong     03-4291-1646

Rajkumar     +60123891045 (PJ)

S. Lee (Mrs)     03-7875-2033

Sin Ah Tah     03-5636-4572 (O); 03-735-4860 (H)

Somasundram (Mrs)     03-7781-0063

Soon It Khoon (Mrs)     03-2095-7484

Teh Mun Hing     03-7803-0691 (H); 017-870-1028 (H/P); 03-7956-5015 (O)

Vincent Voo     03-7876-1273; voo.vincent@gmail.com

Vong Choong Choy     03-7875-3140

Wong Siew Kin     03-7729-9291; wskin8@tm.net.my

Yap Chai Seng     +60122903345 (KL)

Zainab bte Yusop (Puan)     03-7876-4191

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