Sixth Form Arts Classes of 1962/1963 Reunion

May 13 - 15, 2011

This year, our reunion was held in Melaka, Malaysia on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May. After the excellent reunion in 2010 in Penang so ably organised by Tengku Idaura, I had agreed to organise the next reunion. Different venues were considered, including Pulau Langkawi, Singapore, on a cruise ship plying Malaysian waters, and a few others. In the end, Melaka, as a heritage site, was chosen for its many attractions and also because of its proximity to Kuala Lumpur where most of our friends were.

I had a whole year to organise the event and hence was able to send out a few questionnaires to select the best timing. I had to pick the month of May as that was the only month that I was certain to be in Malaysia. As things slowly took shape, I enlisted the help of Azizah Shaik from Melaka and Tai Meng from Singapore. Both ladies were more than happy to help me out despite the fact that they were handicapped in different ways, Azizah still recovering from her brutal burn injuries and Tai Meng from her illness. Azizah organised the different tours and transport and helped out with hotel reservations and Tai Meng organised the reunion musical entertainment for Saturday's dinner entertainment. Nik Sidek also pitched in to help with transport with his very spacious 7-seater Toyota mpv.

Everyone opted to stay in the Melaka Straits Hotel as the reunion dinner was to be held on Saturday 14th at the adjacent Hotel Equatorial.

On Friday 13th May, everyone, with the exception of a couple of friends, had checked into the Straits Hotel. We met at around 4.00 pm at the hotel and it was as usual, a pleasure for everyone to met again after a year. Ah Hoon had arrived a few days earlier and helped to greet the arrivals. At about 6.30 pm we went in two vehicles, in a taxi organised by Azizah and in Sidek's mpv, to Serkam for a sumptuous seafood dinner by the seaside. Needless to say, we had an excellent time. We returned back to town at around 9.30 pm and took the very illuminated and memorable 45-minute Melaka River Cruise at 10.00 pm. The little boat ride took us past various original and historical buildings and sites besides some more modern sceneries. We finally disbanded around 11.00 pm.

Melaka River cruise, selecting the fish, ikan bakar dinner

After breakfast at 9.00 am on Saturday 14th, a minibus took all of us on a thorough city tour and then to the botanical gardens in Ayer Kroh where we spent about an hour browsing around the plants and trees and some of us even managed to see one lonesome monkey. At around 1.00 pm, we went for a delicious Malay and mamak lunch organised by Azizah at a restaurant Lot 45 in Durian Daun. At 8.00 pm. eighteen of us met punctually at the Lotus room of the Hotel Equatorial and after the exchange of greetings and salutations with the latest arrivals, the evening's events commenced. We occupied two tables and the fourteen classmates and spouses present included Azizah Shaik, Prof. Dr. Cheong Kee Cheok, Chew Swee Yoke, Datuk Nik Sidek, Dr. Rahyl Mahyuddin, Lim Ah Hoon and wife Beng Hua, Liu Cheng Choong, Liu Tai Meng, Shaun Yee, Siti Rokiah's husband Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Datuk Tengku Idaura, Tunku Zaman plus four guests including Dr. Sriskantha Joshua (Ah Hoon's VI sixth form hostel mate), and Tai Meng's three friends Richard (a peranakan artiste), Doris, and Elna.

The musical evening continued with a rendition of old favourites by Winston, a popular local singer/entertainer graciously sponsored by Aziza while we tucked into a traditional Sri Nonya dinner.

I had set up my computer in the room, and had made arrangements to Skype with Shirley from Hong Kong and Ah Kim from Australia as both were very keen to participate in the reunion and to greet old friends. Unfortunately, the connection was very poor and the line kept on dropping and we were unable to have both Shirley and Ah Kim on at the same time. Because of the time difference, Ah Kim signed off after having exchanged greetings with most of us, leaving Shirley to stay gamely on for the rest of the evening despite the poor video and audio connection.

Hey presto! with cards, scarves and ropes.....

After the dinner, I gave a short magic show and then introduced the dance and music Peranakan event organised by Tai Meng and performed by her friend Richard. It was all tremendous fun as everyone was encouraged to join in with the singing (song sheets were provided) and the dancing. Just before the evening ended happily at around 12.30 am. Swee Yoke and Tai Meng took the floor to thank the organisers and all those who managed to be present and Nik Sidek was proposed for organising next year's get-together. Nik was caught completely by surprise but sportingly accepted his fate.

No events were planned on Sunday 15th as most people were leaving for home. Farewells were made in the morning and those who remained did a jaunt around Jonker's Walk. So this year's reunion was as exciting as the previous ones and we all look forward to 2012.

My thanks to Azizah, Tai Meng, Ah Hoon, and Sidek and to Everyone of you who helped in one way or other, and who were or were not present. We will meet again next year.

Photos supplied by Lim Ah Hoon, Liu Tai Meng and Dato' Dr. Ibrahim
Report by Shaun Yee (eagle-eyed and corrected by Shirley)

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