Date: Wednesday April 16, 2008

Place: Happy Star Noodle House

48, Hulme Court

Myaree, Perth

The inaugural VI reunion took place in Perth on 16th. April 2008 at the Happy Star Noodle House, 48, Hulme Court, Myaree. The attendees at this event were:

A.L.Chandrasegaran (VI '60)
Ee Phaik Lian (First VI Head Girl '56, VI teacher '62 to '65)
Sylvester Boudville (VI teacher '65 to '69) and wife
David Cheong Chee Kong (VI '64)
Au Yong Lai Tho (VI '75)
Chan Tak Kwong (VI '68) and wife
Ron Liew Kon Swee (VI '68) and Hian Liew
Swaran (VI '64) and Rani
Wong Sook Han (VI '77)
David Choong Chee Fong (VI '77)
Dhanwant S Gill (VI '56) and wife
Low Yew Loon (VI '64)
Kenny Siebel (VI '62)
Gan Kong Eng (VI '61) and Katherine
Fay Siebel (VI '56, VI teacher '62 to '65) and Jag Gill

The restaurant was chosen by Kong Eng and for $25 we all had a great meal and value for money. Our ten-course dinner consisted of:

1. Eight Treasures Duck
2. Patagonian Tooth Fish
3. Yam Ring
4. Chicken Steamed Yoke Lan
5. Salt and Pepper King Prawn
6. Mushroom and Pak Choy
7. Sizzling Bean Curd
8. Fish Stomach Soup
9. Red Bean Soup
10. Fresh Fruits

While the food was excellent it was the conversations that were the highlight of the evening. Although there were no speeches - which was great - the many reminiscences drew much laughter and with the usual VI yarns the evening drew to a close at 9.30 pm. Having spent a good two and a half hours together it was time to go and many were talking of the next VI reunion. The locals were assured by Kong Eng that he would host one at his home soon. Daniel did his promotion bit by telling those present that they should meet in Sydney on 26th September and then in Melbourne on 3rd October when we shall have VI Web Pagekeeper Chee Min in town as well. The latter will be joining Sydneysiders to make up a VI team to climb up Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was a rare opportunity to have two reunions back to back. Old Victorians who are not retired are invited to take a week off to visit Sydney and Melbourne where they can meet up with their contemporaries whom they have never seen for forty or more years.

Fay Siebel was "persuaded" to be the co-ordinator for this informal VIOS group and therefore responsible for the next event.

Seated l to r: Mrs. Dhanwant S. Gill, Ee Phaik Lian, Fay Siebel Gill, Jag Gill, A. L. Chandrasegaran, Kenny Siebel, Swaran S Ludher,
Rani Ludher, Poh Ting (Tak Kwong's wife)
Standing l to r: Wong Sook Han, behind her is David Cheong Chee Kong, Au Yong Lai Tho; behind her is Dhanwant S Gill, Low Yew Loon,
David Choong Chee Fong, Daniel Chan, Mrs. Sulee Boudville, Sylvester Boudville, Ron Liew Kon Swee, his wife Siew Hian (in maroon dress),
Chan Tak Kwong, David Gan Kong Eng

Report by David Gan Kong Eng

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