2008 Activities

Gathering No. 1

Date: Saturday, January 5, 2008
Time: 12 - 4 pm
Place: Daniel's Tea House,
1003 Anzac Pde. Maroubra , NSW 2035

How this gathering came about was a result of some small talk about food as usual and Malaysian cuisine in particular during a coffee meeting on Sunday 16th. Dec 2007.

Chong Kok Weng was at that get-together and it is not a well-kept secret that his K.L. Hokkien fried noodles is one helluva tasty dish and the best outside of K.L. and, in my opinion, would give the K.L. lot a run for their money. The sambal he prepares to go with the noodles is fantastic ("moh tuck ding"). Kok Weng was persuaded to provide the goodies. So a date was set and Daniel Chan offered his house. he also rang around to canvass for attendees and. lo and behold, all the lovers of K.L. Hokkien fried noodles came along to savour Kok Weng's handy-wok. Of course there were other wonderful Malaysian stuff like curry puffs and nonya kuehs to add further to the tongue-tickling sensations. All in all it was another delightful party where everybody had a wonderful time.

The following two photos were taken during the get-together.

The first photo was taken in the garden, which has a koi fish-pond, colourful birds on trees all of which naturally added to a serene setting for good conversation.

The second photo was taken in Daniel's dog-house and it includes the late arrivals.

Gathering No. 2

Date: Thursday, February 7, 2008
Time: 7 10.30 pm
Place: Khoo's Barbecue House,
70 Delaney Drive, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

This gathering was to welcome an old VI friend, Lum Sow Cheong(1958-1962) who came to tour Sydney and Melbourne with his family and at the same time catch up with old friends from way back in the 50's and 60's. Seow Hong very generously hosted the occasion as he had done many times before when old VI friends visit Sydney. Also as Chinese New Year fell on that day it was a sort of reunion of old friends.

Back: Lum Sow Cheong, Wan Kee Yio, Khoo Seow Hong, Wong Fook Loy
Front: Wong Choon Lok, Daniel Chan, Kenny Lim Choon Kien

The women folk as usual provided a variety of yummy delights and as usual the men folk just tucked into the goodies and then did not offer to do the cleaning up and dish washing. What a bunch of male chauvinists.

After dinner there was more reminiscing with Sow Cheong until we realised that the next day was a working day for host Seow Hong. So ended the party but we were all glad to have ushered in the Year of the Rat.

Gathering No. 3

Date: Sunday, February 10, 2008
Time: 6 8.30 pm
Place: Temasek Restaurant,
71 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2145

Chinese New Year is celebrated in Malaysia with yee-sarng (raw fish), and this tasty dish is now available in Sydney for Malaysians to savour during their CNY celebrations. Those Malaysian restaurants that offer yee-sarng during the two-week CNY celebrations are usually fully booked out. But I managed to get a few VI buddies and their families together for a yee-sarng feast and other wonderful Malaysian dishes like Hainan chicken rice, sambal fish, serai beef, etc.

Class of 1959-1965
Back: John Lee, Wan Kee Yio, Loh Chi Loong, Ng Seng Thay
Front: Phang Pok Nam, Zen Loy

While the boys were busy posing, the wives were doing the smart thing by tossing the yee-sarng and tucking into it. The yee-sarng is the first dish served so that its taste is not contaminated or diluted by other food.

The whole restaurant was packed and the din was so loud that we were practically shouting when talking to each other. But that provided the atmosphere to the occasion. When all the food was consumed and conversation ran dry due to laryngeal constraints we called it a night after wishing each other once more Kong Hee Fatt Choy.

Report by Wan Kee Yio
February 2008

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