A Tribute to Vinayak Pradhan

1950 - 2020

From the V.I. Archives

Mad scientist Vinayak Pradhan investigates a serial pie-in-the-face
manoeuvre in this Senior Prize winner of the 1966 School Concert. The hapless
guinea pigs are: K. Satkunanantham, N. Radhakrishnan, Donald Lee, Tan Lip Tiong
and Chan Tan Wah.

Education Minister, Encik Khir Johari, is received at the V.I. padang
by the School Captain, Vinayak Pradhan (left), and Mr Lim Guan Siang,
the Senior Assistant. The Minister arrived by helicopter to be a
Guest of Honour at the School's 75th Anniversary Celebrations (1968).

School Cricket XI (1968)
Front (l. to r.): Mr L. A. de Vries, Jaswant Singh, D. Krishnan, Vinayak Pradhan (Captain),
Nah Seang Chew, Sarjeet Singh, Mr. T. Jayatilaka
Back (l. to r.): A. Kulendran, Surjeet Singh, Ong Bat Lark, K. Ramanath, V. Sachithanathan,
Surinder Singh, Yeo Ngo Tee

Editorial Board, The Victorian (1968)
Front (l. to r.): Azmi Khalid, Julian Fong, Vinayak Pradhan (Editor), Miss Siew Moo Lan, Heng Ngak Howe, Ridzwan Bakar
Back (l. to r.): Choo Meileen, Vincent Lim Kuo Phau, Lim Sew Hock, Ooi Chin Chai, Thor Kah Hoong, Yap Ngim Loong,
Hoh Weng Chee, Yap Kok Voo, Looi Lai Meng

VI Prefects Board (1968)
Front (l. to r.): Chew Fai Peng (Senior Girl), Chan Tak Kwong, Lim Meng Kian, Vinayak Pradhan (School Captain),
Mr V. Murugasu, Nah Seang Chew, Tan Kim Eng, Tan Lip Tiong, Yee Fook Phin
Back (l. to r.): Wong Twee Juat, Heong Kong Luen, Donald Lee Lye Poh, K. Paramanathan, Daya Singh
Julian Fong Loong Choon, Lai Yew Thong, Lim Sew Hok, Wong Chee Kong, Azhar Hashim

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