A History of Victoria Institution Scouting

here comes a time when we heed a certain call; for thousands of Victorians, a decisive call bound us to the fellowship of Scouting. We met some of our bosom friends and brothers - race, economic background and age immaterial - while frolicking at camp or toiling on a hike. Sometimes, the interminable disagreement, the ensuing quarrel and unresolved clash would make avowed enemies between some of us. So the rains buffet and winds lash, but then what? After that, the clear skies and the ride on cloud nine; Scouting friendship eventually binds us all.

This History Of V.I. Scouting collects, with careful detail and accuracy, the memories that have intersected thousands of friendships which have thrived in the V.I. Scouting movement. With this record, more friendships can be made; this time, to cut across generation differences. The Scouter of 2000 can now heartily chat with the Pengakap Raja of 1965 with full knowledge of each otherís accomplishments, as if each were in the otherís shoes. The Scout in 2011 can empathise with the 1921 Scout trudging through swampy heartland and pest-infested rubber estates on his way to Port Swettenham.

To feel each otherís experience is to be inspired and know how to continue walking along the glorious path of our illustrious predecessors, who are our friends.

Loh Kok Kin
V.I. 1991-1995, Victoria Scout Group
E-mail: lkk.dennis2@gmail.com


(1) The Infant Years of a Pioneer Troop (1910-1923)
(2) Recognition, Reorganising and Reaching Out (1924-1932)
(3) Two Troops and the Clouds of War (1933-1941)
(4) Surviving the Wreckage of War (1942-1954)
(5) From British Colony to Malaysianhood (1955-1963)
(6) The Final Years Under Selangor (1964-1973)
(7) Under the Kuala Lumpur Association (1974-1987)
(8) Towards The Next Millennium (1988-2001)



A voluminous work is seldom the result of sole effort. This compilation of V.I. Scouting history has certainly been made possible by many people, and it is impossible to thank everyone. However, there are particular individuals whose significant contributions or constancy in the research process are very much appreciated, namely,

1)    Dr Kevin Tan Yew Lee (Former Associate Professor of Law, National University of Singapore)
2)    Mr Wan Meng Hao (Former Research Assistant, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore)
3)    Tan Sri Dato' Dr Abdul Majid b. Haji Ismail (V.I. 1936 - 1939)
4)    Mr Chin Peng Lam (V.I. 1946 - 1951)
5)    Colonel (retired) Khong Kim Kong (V.I. 1946 - 1951)
6)    Mr Chan Bing Fai (V.I. 1946 - 1951)
7)    General (retired) Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohd. Hashim b. Mohd. Ali (V.I. 1948 - 1953)
8)    Mr Ooi Boon Leong (V.I. 1950 - 1956)
9)    Professor Ooi Boon Teck (V.I. 1951 - 1957)
10)  Mr Khoo Choong Keow (V.I. 1952 - 1958)
11)  Dr Koh Tong Bak (V.I. 1956 - 1962)
12)  Mr Kuan Beng Teik (V.I. 1957 - 1963)
13)  Dr Ernest Yong Foo Yuen (V.I. 1961 - 1967)
14)  Dr Yap Piang Kian (V.I. 1961 - 1967)
15)  Dr Heong Kong Luen (V.I. 1962 - 1968)
16)  Mr Kuan Beng Wai (V.I. 1963 - 1969)
17)  Mr Chong Kok Weng (V.I. 1965 - 1971)
18)  Mr Dennis Kwok Yoke Kwong (V.I. 1970 - 1975)
19)  Dr Alan Teh Kee Hean (V.I. 1971 - 1975)
20)  Dr Tay Eng Guan (V.I. 1974 - 1980)
21)  Mr Bernard Teo Eu Jen (V.I. 1980-1986)
22)  Mr Kenneth Lam Yin Keat (V.I. 1981 - 1987)
23)  Mr Soo Hon Weng (V.I. 1983 - 1987)
24)  Mr Richard Jacobson (V.I. 1983 - 1989)
25)  Mr Michael Chin Yew Ming (V.I. 1984 - 1990)
26)  Mr Kenny Khoo Chan Leng (V.I. 1985 - 1989)
27)  Dr Sangkaran Ratnam (V.I. 1985 - 1989)
28)  Mr Danny Chen Heng Siong (V.I. 1986 - 1992)
29)  Mr Edward Mak Eng Kiat (V.I. 1986 - 1990)
30)  Mr Sharezal Abdul Wahid (V.I. 1991 - 1995)
31)  Mr Mohd. Ackiel b. Ali (V.I. 1993 - 1997)
32)  Mr Wilson Wong Jun Jie (V.I. 1995 - 2001)
33)  Mr Adam Lee Wai Loon (V.I. 1998 - 2001)
34)  Mr Yu Ren Fung (V.I. 1998 - 2002)

My deepest gratitude goes to my main advisor, co-researcher and webmaster, Mr Chung Chee Min (V.I. 1953 - 1959), who conceived of this project and persuaded me to undertake the challenge in December 2000. Thank you, Mr Chung and everyone!

Two Troops, both alike in dignity,
In fair Victoria where we espy our Scouts,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where sharpened parangs make gloved hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A horde of star-cross'd researchers take their time;
Whose adventure gloriously overthrows
Doth with their feat bury other mis-histories' grime.
The bold passage of their devotion-marked labour,
And the termination of all things ignorant,
Which, but their research, naught could alter,
Is now the many hours' traffic for your attention;
The which if you with unwearied eyes attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

(with apologies to William Shakespeare)

Loh Kok Kin Loh Kok Kin attended the V.I. from 1991 to 1995. His V. I. credentials are quite unassailable. His mother, Choo Hooi Sin, did her Sixth Form at the V.I. in 1967-1968, while dad, Loh Kung Sing, was the V.I. Senior Biology teacher in 1969 and Head of Science in 1970-1971. Kok Kin distinguished himself at the V.I. by topping his Form for four years running. He was also Head Monitor of his Form from 1991 to 1993. Never forgetting the sporting field, he was a School Athlete and in 1994 and 1995, was the Vice-Captain and Captain of Lee Kuan Yew House (formerly Hepponstall) respectively. As the Captain, he led his House to victory on Sports Day, initiating the streak of seven consecutive years of Lee Kuan Yew House victories; a V.I. record. An accomplished pianist (he holds a Licentiate Diploma from the Trinity College of Music, London), he provided accompaniment for the weekly singing of the School Song during school assemblies and also composed the V.I. Centenary Song. He was also the Chairman of the V.I. Museum Board. Interest in current affairs and analytical thinking made him a School Debater. His team were runners-up in the Tan Sri Wira State Debating Competition in 1995, and today, he still debates, representing his university at international competitions.

Kok Kin's passion as a Scout of the Second KL Scout Group (a.k.a. Victoria Scout Group) made him heavily involved in activities such as editing the Group's newsletter and magazine, and representing his Group at jamborees and competitions. In 1995, he became the Troop Leader, and at the 15th Asia-Pacific Jamboree in Australia, he was the National Contingent Secretary for Malaysia. While reading for his Economics and Law degrees at the University of Sydney (where he was awarded First Class Honours in Economics in 2001), he undertook the task of researching and compiling the history of the V.I. Scouts, the oldest Scout movement in the nation.

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