V. I. Historic Events

ere is a chronological list of some historic events in the Victoria Institution. Any contribution from fellow Victorians to this page is most welcomed. Please send corrections, additions or comments, via E-mail to the PageKeeper

14 Aug 1893 The foundation stone of the old VI building in High Street (presently Jalan Bandar) was laid by Mrs. W. H. Treacher.
28 Jul 1894 VI was formally opened. The First Prize Giving was held.
Apr 1923 The first issue of The Victorian was published.
23 Dec 1923 The First Speech Day was held.
01 Sep 1925 The Government took over the administration of the school.
21 Sep 1927 The DYMM Sultan Selangor laid the new foundation stone at Bukit Petaling. This is the present site of VI.
26 Mar 1929 The official opening of the present VI building by British High Commisioner Sir Hugh Clifford was held.
1938 The swimming pool (P.W.D. 205) was built, complete with a diving board and shower rooms.
13 Sep 1945 The surrender of the World War II Japanese military forces in Malaya took place in the VI school hall.
1950 The first batch of girls came to VI. The first girl to be registered was Ms. Yong Yan Yoong.
1957 The official opening of a 2-storey block for Form Six. This block has 3 laboratory rooms on the ground floor, and 4 classrooms and a lecture hall on the first floor. The hostel building was completed by the second term.
1960 The 206 was opened. This is the infamous boys toilet block.
27 Oct 1978 The Brick Project was started. This was carried out by the Interactors of 1978 to form an outline of the school name with bricks on the slope of the skating rink. It took 29 days to complete and was lead by the Club's Community Service Director Mr. Fong Chee Keong.

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